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The typical classroom assumes that teaching and learning stand in a one-to-one relationship:  the more I teach, the more you learn. Here you can try a preliminary site that demonstrates a way to subordinate teaching to learning

You can use this site to start pronouncing and reading an American Indian language.  You can also use the site to see how early reading programs contain a design bias. Design bias is at work when early reading exercises work for children from homes with higher levels of preliteracy but don't work well for children who come to school with lower levels of preliteracy awareness.

Give the lessons a try if you are interested in the beginning steps to learning another language.  If you are interested in helping very young children learn to read English...or any other can begin with Introduction to Design Bias in Early Literacy Activities. (The Design Bias site will return you to this page after the introduction.) Otherwise check below to begin speaking without a teacher--or a typical classroom--to pressure you.



Directions for beginning to speak or read Lakota/Dakota:

When you click on the "Sound-Color Exercise" link below, a Sound-Color Chart like the one above will appear. Click on one of the colored rectangles and you will hear a sound. Make the sound yourself...aloud.
*Note:  The sound you hear when you click on the colored rectangles below the dividing line will be a combination of that particular sound and the sound given with the top white rectangle.

(You will need a free Flash player from Adobe to hear the sounds.)

After practicing a few sounds in Lesson 1, move on to the game in Lesson 2. Alternate back and forth until you (and your throat) are comfortable with all the sounds in the language.

**We highly recommend that you don't use a paper and pencil to make notes or to associate the sounds with a written alphabet in the early lessons.  Just play the games--you will be speaking the language.

To start: Sound-Color Exercise: Lesson 1

Lakota/Dakota Sound Games: Lesson 2

Hearing Lakota/Dakota Words: Lesson 3

Lakota/Dakota Alphabet: Lesson 4

Spelling Lakota/Dakota Words: Lesson 5

Reading Lakota/Dakota: Lesson 6

Speaking Lakota/Dakota: Lesson 7.1---[Same Lesson on YouTube]
(*The videos here repeat on their own....)

Speaking Lakota/Dakota: Lesson 7.2 ---[Same Lesson on YouTube]

Speaking Lakota/Dakota: Lesson 7.3---[Same Lesson on YouTube]

Speaking Lakota/Dakota: Lesson 7.4---[Same Lesson on YouTube]

Speaking Lakota/Dakota: Lesson 7.5---[Same Lesson on YouTube]

Speaking Lakota/Dakota: Lesson 7.6---[Same Lesson on YouTube]

Speaking Lakota/Dakota: Lesson 7.7---[Same Lesson on YouTube]

Notes on the Language Learning approach used here (The Silent Way)

More information on the Silent Way of teaching language.

More information on Words in Color for Teaching Reading

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